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At HAVI Logistics we take a true collaborative approach in every program we pursue, research, develop or execute to ensure successful inventory planning, procurement, transportation, warehousing, and customer service solutions.
Our partnerships are structured to assist our customers in expediting their flow of products, accessing markets, developing channels of distribution, customizing services, and forging value-added relationships with suppliers and customers.
Weather Update
Corporate News
HAVI Logistics Philippines, Inc. reaches out to Typhoon Ketsana victims
On October 22, 2009, HAVI Logistics Phil. Inc. (HLPI) went out to the community to distribute relief goods that reached 1,000 families in Marikina City who are still struggling to bring their lives back to normal after Typhoon Ketsana
HAVI Logistics Asia donates to earthquake relief
HAVI Logistics Asia raised funds to donate to earthquake relief and has raised nearly $100,000 USD to date for the Sichuan School Reconstruction Project.
Business Solutions
We are here to reduce redundant inventory, promulgate stock safety, and meet customer service requirements through proven materials management processes...
Storage And Handling
In the storage areas of HAVI Logistics distribution centers, food safety is always the ultimate goal. With nearly 30 years of Asia experience, HAVI Logistics has developed the most sophisticated storage facilities in the region...
We are here to exemplify world-class transportation logistics through efficient physical movement of goods and effective supply chain management practices...
Value Added Solutions
Beyond technical and physical logistical services, we are also here to add value for our customers through our holistic logistics solutions...
Find Your Segment
Quick Service Restaurant
Over the years, the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) has responded...
Convenience Retail
In the recent years, ‘convenience’ has been the catchword of choice in the food and beverage industry...
Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Retail
Retail stores in the pharmaceutical and health care industry have likewise followed the convenience trend throughout the years...
HAVI Social Awareness
Being Neutral has a Positive Effect
Through a strong company effort, The Marketing Store Sydney became Sydney’s First Carbon Neutral Agency.
Green Is Our Team Color
Now more than ever, HAVI Global Solutions knows the importance of making our workplaces more environmentally friendly.
Delivering a Truckload of Fun
The entire HAVI Logistics organization has long been committed to supporting Ronald McDonald House Charities all over Europe.
Raising Funds and Shelters
On May 12, 2008, the Great Sichuan Earthquake rocked China.
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